A Father Trying To Tread Lightly As He Raises His Kids

I'm a Systems Thinker in environmental sustainability. My day job doesn't come close to this pursuit, but it pays the bills and allows me to think about our environment and what I'm doing to ensure a sustainable future for my children. I am borrowing my place on this planet from my children and their children and I'd like to give it back to them at least in as good a shape as I found it.

When I say "Systems Thinker," I mean I think of everything in terms of it being a system of interconnected components. Humans need to find their place within the system of our natural environment. We are all interconnected. To that end, I don't care whether you think global warming is real--in fact, I promise not to waste our time arguing whether it is nor who might be at fault if it is. 
I just want people to be smart and take care of the one planet where we all live. 
I'm also a big believer in small steps, so go ahead and keep recycling, changing out your light bulbs (ideally for efficient LEDs instead of those "curly bulbs") and riding your bike to work. And please, please, please stop drinking bottled water--unless you're in a place where potable water doesn't flow from the tap. But that's a whole other story...

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About me

I'm a father of two, and a husband of one.
I grew up in Laguna Beach, CA and, as a kid, that is where I first embraced the environment without ever considering myself "an environmentalist".
Now, I take sustainability very seriously--but I don't take myself very seriously. It's gotta be fun, or I just won't do it.